Deborah Chavez

We are so thankful for Rabbi Michael Rovinsky and the important service he provides to both the Jewish and holistic communities. We first met him in 2000 (via our midwife) when he circumcised our firstborn son. We used him again for our next four sons. It was especially meaningful to return 13 years later for him to circumcise our first grandchild. His consistently professional manner, warm personality and delightful sense of humor always makes for a very positive experience for both the parents and the families.

Boker tov Rabbi Mike

I cannot thank you enough for meeting with us yesterday and performing the rite of circumcision on our first grandchild. You always make the event meaningful, relaxing and comfortable for the parents and the family. It was a pleasure seeing you again. I pray HaShem continues to bless you for the service you provide to both the Jewish and holistic communities.

Olivia Oliver

We can’t thank you enough for making that such a smooth experience for us, I know every parent dreads it and I certainly did, but you’ve got a way of making it something positive for us to look back on! We will be recommending you to every new parent we know and I’ll be sure to write a positive review online. Thank you again!

Why we Chose a Holistic Circumcision for our Son with Rabbi Mike:

“It was the communication from the moment I reached out Rabbi Mike was honest and genuine. He was available through texts and phone calls he was great to work with. I like the intimacy of Rabbi Mike’s holistic circumcision as opposed to hospitals. Easy Circumcision is a cut above the rest.”.


The Batemans

We are the Batemans, Matthew and Stephanie. We believe in the covenant that G-D made with Abraham and we are very much an advocate for doing the circumcision ceremony the correct way. We didn’t want a hospital with a cold procedural mindset. With our first boy we also went with a Rabbi from a different state. If we new about Rabbi Mike we would have used him. We were so grateful to find Rabbi Mike. The method that Rabbi Mike uses is great. It is almost painless and you can tell that the child is more discomfort from dad holding the legs. The procedure was 15-20 seconds. I enjoyed being there with the baby.Rabbi Mike is really great! We just met him and it feels like we have known him for much longer. He was so welcoming to everyone. He explain everything and made us all feel comfortable. We couldn’t have been happier.

Midwife Shana

My name is Shana and I am a midwife in Midland Texas. I feel that whether or not to circumcise is a decision that only the parents can make.  I wouldn’t encourage or discourage just supporting the parent in their own decision making process. I have witnessed a hundred or more circumcisions performed by Rabbi Mike and I would not recommend anyone but Rabbi Mike.  He has a sensitivity and a sense of humor about the issue.  He is very aware of the parents nervousness and concerns.  He has the most experience and we only want the best for our clients so we call Rabbi Mike.  In our experience our clients have been 100% satisfied with Rabbi Mike.  I have never had a client call me unhappy with their son’s circumcision.

Being their with the baby

“The main difference is being their with the baby the whole time…. Rabbi Rovinsky is awesome, his jokes lighten the mood.  He makes it easy on you, when he sees you’re nerves he tries to calm you down…”

We decided to circumcise our son because I am Jewish

“We decided to circumcise our son because I am Jewish and the covenant between G-d and Abraham is very important…We wanted a more natural experience and that is why we chose Rabbi Mike. The entire procedure took less than a minute which is a lot better then 10-30 minutes in a hospital…”

Brett and Missy Snow

“We had three other boys who were circumcised in the hospital… We weren’t allowed to be there. With Rabbi Mike we were fully involved and we loved being there…It was great!”

Midwife Highly Recommended

“The procedure was super quick and as you can see the baby is happy.  It really was less than a minute and we were done and he stopped crying really quickly I nursed him for a couple of minutes and now he’s super happy – It was great!”

Really Like this Procedure

We chose Rabbi Mike because we did some research on him and we found all the great reviews.  We really liked this procedure as opposed to the hospital because [it] took about 30 seconds and the hospital took much longer; and we were not allowed to be with our baby during the [hospital circumcision].

Circumcision Was So Quick

“What stood out during the whole circumcision process for us, I believe, [was] just the fact that it was so quick and we’re able to be a part of it…instead of him being taken from us and it taking place [somewhere else]…”

Light-Hearted Approach to Circumcision

“Rabbi Rovinsky definitely has some good jokes. He gets your mind off of the issue and puts you at ease and relaxes you, and that was definitely one of the most enjoyable parts–being at ease with the whole situation…”

Circumcision Great Experience

“It was a great experience, as opposed to what I thought it was going to be. I thought it was going to be really painful and terrible to watch, but overall I can say it was a really special experience for us.”

Circumcision Shared Experience

“I look back on the circumcision experience, with our first and second son, very fondly; and I feel like it was a shared experience between myself and my sons because I was in the same room and I felt like part of the process…”

Circumcision was absolutely great

“Rabbi Rovinsky was fast and very efficient, very quick. It was probably the fastest and smoothest [circumcision] I’ve seen and that’s what we were looking for and that’s the kind of experience we were told we would get here so it was absolutely great!”

Debbie Barry and Brian B.

“It is our privilege that you are here to perform the circumcision of our first born son. Particularly since you have become a part of our entire familys traditions…Thank you for traveling to Dallas to make this time so special for us. We are truly grateful!”

Joel and Sue

“…I don’t want another day to pass without writing to you…..Neither our Rabbis, the parents nor anyone else attending our grandson’s Circumcision had ever seen an operation done so quickly, professional and yet with great regard for the parents. It was hamish and casual. You made everyone feel comfortable with what was going on. Your explanations added to the significance of the occasion……A circumcision can be an anxious time for those involved. Your good humor and appropriate remarks helped lighten the atmosphere. It is a life cycle occurrence that the parents and grandparents always remember. You have made that remembrance one to be treasured.”

Wonderful Service

“…we just wanted to take the time to thank you, once again, for the wonderful service you have provided our family.”

Andy and Nicole and Zak S.

“…thank you so much for performing the circumcision of our son Zak. This has been the most wonderful time in our lives…”

Andy and Marti

“…We and everyone present, are still raving about the beautiful job you did with Mickey. He looks perfect….thanks for everything!…”


“Thank you very much for traveling to Dallas to perform my circumcision. My parents thought it was a beautiful ceremony. Speaking for myself, the guy that has to live with your handiwork the rest of my life, I would say that you are a “cut” above the rest.”

Orna, Phil and Matan Moshe

“Thank you for all of your help and for having a gift from G-d for loving what you do. It shows in all of your actions…”

One More Link in the Chain

“Thank you for the wonderful gift you have given our family by joining us in our home for Zachary’s circumcision. With your gentleness and wisdom, you have brought our son into the life of faith and have established his Jewish identity. Without your presence in our home, the day would not have been the same. You and Rabbi Stern created one more link in the chain of our People. For that, Jim and I will forever hold you in our hearts and prayers.”

Paul, Pauline and Noah E.

“We truly appreciate all you have done for our family. Noahs circumcision was absolutely beautiful — Thank You!…”

Rebecca S.

“…a note to thank you for your technical and rabbinical expertise in bringing our 3 boys into the Covenant with their circumcision…”

Doug W.

“…your kindness and ease to work with is very much appreciated and how you worked with us to insure that it happened…”

Michael T.

“…you not only made it easier on us to look forward to this day but also understand all the wonderful traditions that go along with it….we feel so fortunate that you were able to join us today!…”

Lola J.

“…You did a great job in helping to make this ceremony everything we wanted it to be….Thank you also for the suggestions you made, (which I incorporated) when I was writing the ceremony .you were so kind and willing to accommodate our requests…”

John G.

“I appreciated your commentary on the process and meaning of the circumcision, it enriched the experience for me…”

Eylse, Bill and Blake

“…and we cannot thank you enough for making this special day so memorable for us…”

George and Jeff W.

“…all we heard was what a wonderful ceremony it was and naturally we agreed!…”

Sandra and David G.

“…we are still receiving compliments on the Bris. Your expertise and not only your explanations and story of the Russian Bris, but also your ability to put everyone at ease while still maintaining the sanctity of the ceremony. Our gentile friends and relatives were much inspired…”

C. and D.

“Today is a special one for our family. Thank you for being there for David. We will never forget your kindness and patience…”

Adriana and Diego P.

“…It is very hard to choose a mohel and we feel very happy that you were the one. Your skills and your caring spirit made us feel very confident and at ease. Thank you so much for being so kind and willing and to make it easy and joyful for us to make this important decision. We are very grateful and happy that we fulfilled the requirements of the Jewish law together with such wonderful and caring people…”

Tina and Tobias R.

“Thank you for making Jacobs special day so great and practically painless!….and we are grateful for your insight and conversation…”

Norma and Gregg R.

“…it was beautiful, warm and intimate and very special. You set the tone for all of us…”

Eric, Lisa and Chase O.

“We cannot thank you enough or tell you how happy we are that you could spend this special time in our lives with us. Having you perform our son’s bris means a great deal to us, and we appreciate all you did to be here with us…”


“Thank you for making Julia and Stevens entry into Judaism special…”


“…Thank you very much for flying all the way to New Jersey for me! Thank you for taking such good care of me. Mommy and Daddy were so happy you were able to be with us in this special mitzvah. Thank you!”


“…Thanks again for a great job. We really appreciate you and admire the dedication you have to the Jewish Community….and hope, at least I do, to ask for your help in the future!…”


“Barry joins me in expressing our sincere appreciation for the beautiful service you conducted with Rabbi Perlman in honor of our grandson, Alexander J.  The service was so meaningful and personal and was truly an experience we will treasure…”

Mr. and Mrs. Gary M.

“So today we have presented our 5th son to you with great thankfulness…You have been a G-d send to us. Thank you so much…”

Joe M.

“…thank you for performing the circumcision on our son Joseph Anthony. As you promised he barly made a sound all afternoon. I also wanted to tell you that I appreciated your wit, you were quite refreshing. I guess it helps to have a sense of humor when you work with sharp objects for a living…”

Ira, Steph and Westley

“…Your ceremoney was well received by all and certainly memorable. Many of the doctors present wanted to know how you could be so quick. You will be long remembered…”

Thrilled With Circumcision Results

“After 2 less than satisfactory physician initiated circumcisions, we have been thrilled by the results you have given us, and we also consider it an honor to have you perform the procedure knowing that you understand and honor the spiritual perspective as well…”

Kenneth A. Goldberg, M.D.

“…I have had the privilege of working side by side with Rabbi Rovinsky in the operating room as well as in office procedures. His expertise and experience is unsurpassed. His care and concern for his patients goes above and beyond the call of duty. He is in contact with the patient and family both before and after the procedure to help alleviate their concerns. He is extremely dedicated and well liked by both his associates and patients……I cannot begin to tell you how highly I admire him both as an individual and as a mohel…”

Joel Cooper

“Being the son of a rabbi, a longstanding surgeon, and the father of four sons, I feel I am qualified to comment on the skill, professionalism, and personality of Rabbi Michael Rovinsky who recently performed the circumcision of our first grandson. In a word he is outstanding: technically superb and emotionally and spiritually warm and impressive. It was our privilege to have him conduct our service….”