Why Mid-wives recommend circumcision to their clients

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Should I circumcise my son? This is a question that many parents struggle with. After all, it’s not a decision to be taken lightly, but there’s a reason why many midwives recommend and/or support their client’s decision to circumcise their sons. That’s not to say they all agree on the matter. In fact, the debate surrounding circumcision is a heated one. But there are only two ways to go: Circumcise or don’t circumcise. To help in the decision making process, I thought it may be helpful to share a few pieces of information from both sides of the question. So if you are thinking, “should I circumcise my baby,” read on or watch this video for some informative ideas.

One of the reasons presented against circumcision stems from a naturalistic perspective. Critics argue that it’s unnatural as God created boys with a foreskin; hence it should stay. Those in favor of circumcision would respond that G-d made “man” imperfect and commanded the act of circumcision to teach that in the same way He commands us to perfect ourselves physically through circumcision, He expects us to perfect ourselves spiritually through our behaviors etc. From a health perspective, they contend that one can teach their son how to take care of the foreskin to reduce the risks associated with an intact foreskin. Finally, critics of circumcision also claim that removing the foreskin reduces sexual pleasure.

Those who believe in circumcision have three primary reasons. From a religious perspective, they believe circumcision is appropriate since God himself commissioned it. Even non-jews who practice circumcision state this as one of their main reasons for circumcising their children. From a health perspective, science has shown that removing the foreskin reduces the risk of certain infections such as STDs and UTIs. However, it’s worth noting that such risks can be eliminated with proper care. In regards to the idea of reduced sexual pleasure, there is little evidence to suggest that removing the foreskin reduces sexual pleasure. In fact, at Easy Circumcision, I have yet to encounter anyone who doesn’t experience sexual pleasure as a result of being circumcised.

As I mentioned earlier, it is not my place to encourage or discourage circumcision.  This is a decision that should be left entirely up to you as the parent.  My job is to work closely with parents to help them make informed and confident decisions on the subject through interactive demonstrations, conferences, and anything else that will help parents feel they have all the information they need to make an informed decision.  So if you are struggling with the question, “should I get my son circumcised?” I hope you’ve received some helpful information from this article. Note, our circumcision process is an almost painless, 15-second procedure. Our approach, both from a technique and interaction perspective, is very different from what you will experience in a hospital or doctor’s office. At Easy Circumcision, I follow the Biblical and Jewish mandate to minimize any discomfort to the baby as much as possible.  There is no reason to subject your son to traumatic, invasive procedures. Easy Circumcision is here to make the process EASY, fast and almost pain free.

Watch the videos to learn about why many midwives recommend their clients to Easy Circumcision. Still got questions? Give me a call on my cell at 314-498-6279 and I will be happy to address any other questions or concerns you may have.

Midwife Testimonials

My name is Shana and I am a midwife in Midland Texas. I feel that whether or not to circumcise is a decision that only the parents can make.  I wouldn’t encourage or discourage just supporting the parent in their own decision making process. I have witnessed a hundred or more circumcisions performed by Rabbi Mike and I would not recommend anyone but Rabbi Mike.  He has a sensitivity and a sense of humor about the issue.  He is very aware of the parents nervousness and concerns.  He has the most experience and we only want the best for our clients so we call Rabbi Mike.  In our experience our clients have been 100% satisfied with Rabbi Mike.  I have never had a client call me unhappy with their son’s circumcision.