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Circumcision Pros and Cons

Are you going back and forth over whether you or your newborn should get circumcised? This is not a decision to take lightly. For some, the decision to get circumcised is an easy one. Some do it for religious reasons, others do it for health reasons and some do it simply because of family tradition. However, for those who are still on the fence about circumcision’s, what follows is a overview of the perceived pros and cons of circumcision.

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Circumcision Pros

There are a lot of reasons why people choose to get circumcised:
1) Circumcision reduces the risk of contracting sexually transmitted diseases. In fact, there are a lot of studies that support this claim. One may counter this claim by saying that focusing on personal hygiene, especially after intimacy will also reduce the risk of contracting STDs, however the studies indicate the risk remains higher for the uncircumcised.
2) Some people choose to get circumcised for hygienic purposes. It is much easier to maintain high standards of personal hygiene when circumcised. This is beneficial to both you and your baby boy. You won’t have much trouble washing him as a baby or young child. Circumcision can also reduce the risk of urinary tract infections and inflammatory skin conditions.
3) Phimosis, which affects middle aged and elderly men. Phimosis is a condition where the opening of the foreskin begins to contract, rendering it harder or even impossible to pull it back for cleaning and intimacy. Although Phimosis can affect males of any age and is not uncommon in babies, it is more common amongst middle aged and older males. Getting circumcised ensures that this will never be a problem.
4) Furthermore, some men choose to get circumcised for social reasons. These days, most men get circumcised. Therefore, one may feel self-conscious and out of place if one is uncircumcised. A lot of families choose to circumcise their babies because the father is circumcised, and they don’t want their baby to feel or look different.
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Circumcision Cons

Like any surgery, however rare, there are some risks associated with circumcision.
1) Circumcision opponents often point out the fact that circumcision can result in complications such as infections. At Easy Circumcision we take every precaution to make sure the circumcision is performed under sterile conditions. With the holistic method Rabbi Mike uses and the special ointment he applies to the area, the risk of infection is minor. In fact, he has never experienced a baby having an infection in over 18,000 procedures
2) Another opinion expressed by opponents of circumcision is that there is a risk of hemorrhaging or excessive bleeding. While this may be true when using the typical medical technique, Rabbi Mike’s technique rarely results in more than very minimal bleeding as his technique is far less invasive than the medical procedure.
Baby Circumcision

3) Another criticism of circumcision is that it causes the baby unnecessary pain. To determine the veracity of this claim, Rabbi Mike and his mentor, using special equipment measured the levels of discomfort and heart rate of babies undergoing the standard medical circumcision, as well as their special technique. The results were overwhelmingly clear. The medical procedure results in more pain in the baby and increased heart rate. and to counter this pain the baby is given a local anesthetic injection which takes longer to administer and is more painful than the actual holistic circumcision procedure which takes only 15-20 seconds. The holistic circumcision that Rabbi Mike uses is about as painful as quickly taking off a band aid which takes 2-3 seconds. He does use a topical numbing solution after the procedure to address any discomfort which the baby may experience after the circumcision. Usually, the baby will begin to cry when we remove the diaper and will stop crying as soon as the diaper is back on, and he is picked up. A total of 15-20 seconds.

4)Often patients have questions over the amount of skin removed during the circumcision, or if follow up care will include having to push down the skin at each diaper change. The answer is a resounding no! This is because the hospital technique uses instruments that come in specific sizes and often the instrument size and size of the baby’s glans penis do not match up. This results in an insufficient amount of foreskin being removed leaving the need to continuously push the extra skin down, so it does not re-adhere and grow back. With my holistic method of circumcision, it eliminates this risk, as the exact amount of skin can be removed, providing a customized circumcision to match the unique shape and size of each baby’s penis.
You can learn more about circumcision’s pros and cons by contacting Rabbi Mike on his cell phone at 314-498-6279. Circumcision can be a difficult decision it is always important to have all the facts before deciding on what’s best for you or your family. Fortunately, you don’t have to make this decision alone. Get in touch with Rabbi Mike with all your circumcision questions.