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Should I Circumcise my Baby?


Dear Parents,

Welcome to my easy circumcision website and thank you for allowing me to help guide you through this important and critical milestone in your baby’s life. I am often asked the question: Should I circumcise my baby? And although I have tried to cover as much information as possible to help you make this important decision regarding circumcision, I realize that it is impossible to cover everything and therefore, I encourage you to call me with any questions or concerns you may have. Please do not hesitate to do so.

Why Should I Circumcise My Baby

For some, the answer to the question “Should I circumcise my baby?” is a simple one. For others, much thought, research and contemplation go into making this important decision. It is not uncommon for me to receive calls from literally around the world asking whether or not they should circumcise their baby. I explain to them that this is a decision they have to make for themselves. However, I do explain that there are three main reasons why people choose to circumcise their baby:

1) Religious – Parents believe that their religion requires this of their adherents,
2) Medically – Parents, or their doctors, believe that it is healthier and in the child’s best interest to be circumcised, and

3) Social – Parents don’t want their baby to look different than other male family members or friends. If it is a social motivation, then parents must weigh the pro’s and con’s and come to a mutually agreed upon decision.

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While I do have opinions on the subject based on research and my practice and experience of 30+ years working with clients of all ages, it is not my place to tell a family whether or not they should circumcise their son. HOWEVER, if a family elects to circumcise, I strongly encourage that they use a competent experienced Mohel. Not only are the instruments used better suited for a quality circumcision than the standard hospital/doctor technique, but the entire procedure can be performed in less than 30 seconds with much better aesthetic and medical results.


Using a Mohel to Circumcise your Baby

I have developed my Easy Circumcision website to inform and educate parents about their options regarding circumcision and why, if they elect to circumcise, having a mohel, like myself, to perform the circumcision will result in a fast, almost painless procedure resulting in a circumcision that is superior in aesthetics and without the complications that are commonly experienced with the standard hospital/doctor technique.

I hope you find my website informative and that it answers your questions. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any unanswered questions or would like to discuss having me circumcise you or your child. I can be reached On my Cell at 314-498-6279 or 800-856-6435. You may email me by clicking here or at RabbiMike@EasyCircumcision.com.  Also, read my blog article on “Should I Circumcise my Boy?“, it might give you additional insight on how to make this important decision.

Here are parents who answered yes to the questions of “Should I circumcise my baby?” Listen to their motivations.