Taking Care of Your Son in the Sun



With the summer months incoming, then you are probably already planning to get to the park, the pool, or to your favorite vacation spot to embrace the sun. While it is always nice to top up your tan and watch your children frolic around in the water, you also need to consider the dangers that come with spending too much time in the sun.


Too much time in the sun without proper protection can have dangerous risks associated if not taken care of properly. Those who elect to neglect things like sunscreen, hats or protective clothing run the risk of suffering sunburn, sunstroke or skin damage.


Take Breaks


The easiest way of staying safe in the sun is to avoid it altogether. Of course, if you want to really experience the summer, then this idea doesn’t really work. You have lived through the overcast and biting cold of winter months, so the allure of getting some sun is too much to resist.


However, ensuring that you stay within range of a place that can allow some shade from the sun will make the whole day much more enjoyable. This will avoid getting burned as well as avoiding illnesses such as sunstroke.

Wear a Hat

If your son wants to make the most of the sun, then ensuring he keeps his hat on whenever he is out in the sun will prevent sunburn to his scalp as well as around his face, neck and shoulders.


Finding a sunhat that provides this protection can ease the pain he might suffer following a day out. Whether you choose to purchase a baseball cap or a hat with a neck protector, your son will have fun in the sun while also staying safe.




Applying sunscreen is the obvious solution to preventing sun damage, but you need to understand what kind of sunscreen is best for your child. There are many varieties of SPF to choose from and the one you choose will all depend on your son’s skin.


For the best protection, selecting a high SPF such as 50 will avoid potential sunburn and most people can get away with 30. Anything less, though, and you run the risk of not being adequately protected.


Full-Body Swimsuits


To save on constantly reapplying sunscreen to your son, then consider investing in sun-protective swimsuits. These are long-sleeved outfits that are made of the same material as regular swimsuits but give added protection against the sun.


Unlike regular clothes, these swimsuits are lightweight, so they can still enjoy their time in the water without feeling weighed down. Not only will they protect your son, they will also give you peace of mind in knowing that your child is wholly protected against the sun’s rays.


Fun in the Sun


Enjoying the sun is what summer is all about, but you don’t want to have the time of school and work ruined by your child succumbing to ailments caused by inadequate protection. Taking steps beforehand to ensure that you are properly prepared for the climate will make for a happy vacation and a happy, healthy son.