20 Fun Activities to Do with Your Children This Summer

Summer isn’t quite here yet but for many school-aged children across the country, summer break has arrived. In most cases this means that parents are scrambling to find fun and exciting summer activities to keep their kiddos occupied. Well look no further! I’ve compiled a list of 20 fun and unique activities that not only kids can participate in, but parents as well. Check it out:


  1. 1. Build a tree-house in the backyard.
  2. 2. Participate in a running or biking marathon.
  3. 3. Have a picnic in the park.
  4. 4. Make home-made popsicles and ice cream.
  5. 5. Try zip-lining.
  6. 6. Start a children’s book club.
  7. 7. Host a game of kickball to raise money for a local charity.
  8. 8. Go camping in the backyard.
  9. 9. Take a family road trip, stopping at various locations along the way.
  10. 10. Plant a garden with fruits and veggies.
  11. 11. Start a small summer business to teach them about money and leadership.
  12. 12. Host a bonfire in the backyard.
  13. 13. Learn a foreign language.
  14. 14. Volunteer at a local animal shelter.
  15. 15. Spend a day on the lake.
  16. 16. Visit any local museums that you haven’t been to already.
  17. 17. Plant a flower garden.
  18. 18. Host a children’s themed yard sale.
  19. 19. Attend a pro-baseball game.
  20. 20. Collect and distribute food and personal items for the less fortunate.


Did you like the above list? Consider writing or typing out each of the activities listed above on a small piece of paper. Then gather all other the pieces of paper, toss them in a bag, and let your child(ren), pick one activity from the bag each week. This will ensure that they have an exciting, busy, and well-rounded summer break. Ready…Set…Go!