Traditional Jewish Circumcision


Easy Circumcision is led by Rabbi Michael Rovinsky, a certified Mohel who works with families to create a circumcision that is both compassionate and meaningful. Rabbi Rovinsky is well known and has worked with many families who all report that their circumcision event went smoothly and offered the most care and comfort for their son.


Rabbi Rovinsky

Whilst it is a commonplace to arrange a circumcision via a health care provider, we understand that it is important to Jewish families to have a religious ceremony where the foreskin is circumcised in the traditional way.


Rabbi Rovinsky is not only a fully qualified Mohel, but he has undertaken additional training at the John Hopkins Children’s Hospital so that he can offer more complex circumcisions. With over 8000 circumcisions completed, you can be certain that Rabbi Rovinsky is a great choice.


The Traditional Jewish Circumcision

Many people allow their children to undergo circumcision for a variety of reasons, health, and religion being the most popular. If you are looking for a traditional circumcision, then you will need to engage a Rabbi who is a Mohel and has experience of circumcisions.


A traditional Jewish circumcision dates as far back as when Abraham was commanded to circumcise himself to become Jewish. The tradition is seen as a way to keep links with each generation of Jews that have gone before, and it is seen as an incredibly important part of the Jewish faith today.


Typically, male babies are circumcised by a Mohel on day 8 of their life unless there is a medical reason that stops it from happening. If there has been a delay due to medical needs, then the procedure takes place as soon as the baby is healthy.


Whilst circumcisions used to be held in a synagogue, they are now typically held in the home or at the home of the baby’s grandparents, with all the family in attendance. As part of the ceremony, many parents will ask those present to give readings or blessings. The child’s parents also will often share their reasons for the name they have chosen for their child.


The baby is carried into the room by their godparent and then passed to the person who is chosen to hold them for the circumcision (the Sandek). There are two blessings that are recited, and then the Mohel will recite a prayer with a glass of wine. A drop of wine is placed in the baby’s mouth, and the glass passed to the father to drink and share with the mother.


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