What are the Top 5 TV Shows for Preschoolers?

If you are a parent to a preschooler, you may want to choose tv programs that encourage your family’s beliefs and topics that are important to you, as well as hold your child’s attention. Usually, preschoolers are not able to sit through an hour-long television show. Most youngsters will be able to sit through tv shows that are half an hour or less.

Preschool children take in a wealth of information, and they tend to ask a lot of questions. Many children’s shows are age appropriate, as well as educational. Some of these shows include basic science, reading-readiness, in addition to helping kids develop problem-solving skills, critical thinking skills, and teamwork. Some of these educational tv shows from yesteryear include Mr. Roger’s Neighborhood, Curious George, Little Bear, The Berenstain Bears, Madeline, and Clifford the Big Red Dog.

The Busy World of Richard Scarry is an adorable show featuring different animals that live in Busytown. If you have the Richard Scarry books, your child will recognize her favorite characters in this tv series. The characters in this series are from various nationalities which helps your child learn geography. A typical episode involves a character who is having a problem. The townspeople talk about the issue and try to figure out a solution.

The children’s show Super Why is great for preschoolers because they are always asking why. They what to know how things work and why they function the way that they do. The main characters of this cute show become superheroes as they become part of a problem-solving adventure in a storybook. Your child will learn about teamwork, letter-recognition, compassion, critical thinking skills, communication skills, and letter sounds. This tv show features bright colors and superb animation.

Earth to Luna is an excellent series that introduces science to kids. Luna, the main character, is curious about the world around her. She also adores her little brother and lets him tag along with her on her adventures. This captivating show teaches motion and astronomy and puts the topics in simple stories that children comprehend and enjoy! The show also encourages children to ask questions and nurtures the learning process. Earth to Luna is a fantastic show because it holds your child’s attention and teaches them that learning about science is fun!

Another exciting television program is Wallykazam!: The Big Goblin Problem. It is an interactive show that features a troll and his dinosaur friends. Kids are spoken to directly throughout the program and asked questions that encourage a response. For example, Wallykazam might ask your daughter, “What letter starts with the letter A?” or “What letter makes the ‘B’ sound?” This series encourages strong friendships, reading-readiness, and communication skills.

Caillou is a little boy who is adventurous and loves to go exploring! In this program, children learn about recognizing their feelings and how to express them in a positive way. Little children can experience very strong emotions, such as fear, anger, and loneliness. Caillou feels many of these feeling too, which helps children know that they are not alone in how they feel, and Caillou is a character they can relate to as well. Caillou’s parents are empathetic towards him and help him talk about his feelings and how to handle them responsibly.

Many good-quality educational television shows are available at your fingertips. With today’s technology, you don’t have to sit in front of the tv and endure the painful commercials. Now, parents can access these great programs via YouTube, apps, and streaming. For a full list of age-appropriate tv shows for preschoolers, visit the Common Sense Media website (https://www.commonsensemedia.org/list/best-preschool-tv-shows).