Tips to Help Choose the Right Circumcision Clinic


If yours is a baby boy, then the question about circumcision has definitely come up.  It is an issue that takes a lot of consideration from the parents before the baby is born and even after birth. That’s not all. If you have chosen to have your child circumcised, you will also have to choose whether the baby has to go for a holistic or clinical procedure. After that, you have to choose the clinic for his circumcision. If you are a first-time parent, this can especially be a challenge, but even with seasoned parents, it’s never as simple as waking up and going to any clinic for the circumcision.

Why circumcision is done for males

Circumcision is the removal of the retractable skin and the end of the penis to expose its tip. There are several reasons this has to be done. Find the most common reasons below.

Medical reasons

Medically circumcision is a common treatment for Phimosis—when the foreskin is tight and won’t retract.  Although there are alternative treatments, circumcision is done to completely eradicate the problem. Further to this, circumcision has been shown to reduce the risk of HIV in heterosexual men.

Circumcision is also done medically as a hygiene measure. It is easier to clean a circumcised penis perfectly compared to an uncircumcised one. Failing to circumcise may expose males to diseases such as recurrent balanitis, where the foreskin is constantly infected and inflamed. Other medical conditions associated with having a foreskin include cancer of the penis or paraphimosis, where the skin can’t return to its original state after being pulled back, causing a restricted blood flow to the penis.

Religious and cultural reasons

Among Jews and Muslims, circumcision is a religious rite of passage, and every male who practices these religions ought to circumcise. As standard, circumcision often occurs in infancy when the baby is healthy and stable. For Jews, this has to happen on the eighth day, but for other religions, the timelines are subject to the parents’ decision. Likewise, some communities practice circumcision as a rite of passage, and every male has to go through it.

The reasons for circumcision notwithstanding, circumcision can only happen as holistic or medical, all of which have to be done in a clinic.

Here are some pointers for choosing the right circumcision clinic.

Find out how long the procedure will take

If you are doing circumcision for religious or cultural reasons, this is a very important stage of your child’s life to miss. If you opt for medical circumcision, the procedure will most likely be done in your absence, this can be a nerve wracking for parents of a newborn. However,  With a holistic circumcision, the procedure can take as short as 30 seconds, and parental presence is encouraged to mark the occasion.

Is the baby restrained or not? When the baby has to go under the knife medically, they will have to be restrained to the table, which may sometimes agitate the baby. With a holistic circumcision, parental involvement is encouraged, and the baby won’t have to be restrained from undergoing the whole process. In fact, the parent can even hold the baby through it, and once the cleaning and dressing are done, you can walk out with the baby.  This has a calming effect on the babies hence why most parents prefer it.


Check for the anesthetic used

While it may be common for many surgeries, anesthesia in circumcision is optional.  Some clinics prefer to use local or topical anesthetics, but for the most part, the procedure can go on without it. If your child has to undergo circumcision, you don’t have to take them through the pain of injecting local anesthetic plus the circumcision. They will just feel a pinch with the 30-second holistic circumcision clinic, and the scars will recover within 12 hours. So, if you are going to circumcise, see to it that it can happen without the use of anesthetic