The Choice of Circumcision

should i circumcise my baby

As parents, there are many important decisions to make for your child, and circumcision is one of those decisions. As you make plans for your baby’s future, there are lots of exciting prospects on the horizon; circumcision can be quite a difficult thing to address.


There are lots of things to consider when assessing whether circumcision is right for your child. This article will give you a clear overview of reasons for circumcision, and the steps you can take as parents making this important choice.



Reasons for Circumcision


There are three main reasons why people typically wish for their child to be circumcised:


  • Religious & cultural reasons: circumcisions are commonplace among the Jewish and Muslim communities. However, circumcision is not always a religious choice; it is a cultural preference too. Many cultures, such as those in African countries, the Philippines, South Korea and the USA.
  • Social reasons: for many families, circumcision is simply a social preference, and they choose to have their child circumcised to fit in with other males in the family.
  • Medical reasons: circumcision can be the best option for certain medical conditions, and can be in the child’s best interest from a health perspective. There is also some evidence that suggests circumcision helps with hygiene, as well as reducing the risk of infection.


Whatever your reason for choosing circumcision, it’s a big moment in both you and your child’s life. So, what are the main things to consider, and how can the decision be made easier?



Circumcision: What to Consider


First thing’s first, circumcision is a tough decision, so it’s essential that you discuss things thoroughly with your partner or significant other. It’s important that you’re both on the same page about the process and feel comfortable with moving forward.


Decide how and where you want to have your child circumcised. If your child will benefit medically from a circumcision, then it will likely be an easy decision. If you want a circumcision for cultural or social reasons, the decision will be a little more complex.


If you need help making the decision, check out the advice from Rabbi Mike Rovinsky, who has performed over 8000 circumcisions. You’ll be able to watch testimonials from other parents who chose to circumcise their child, which will help you decide whether it’s the right option for you.


Want to Know More?


Circumcision is a decision that shouldn’t be taken lightly. There is a lot of information and testimonials available on the subject, but there’s no rush to make the decision before you feel completely sure.


Rabbi Mike Rovinsky offers one-to-one phone calls to parents who want to know more about circumcision. Whatever your query, the Rabbi will be happy to answer any questions and help you make a decision, with no pressure either way.


To contact to Rabbi Rovinsky, simply send a message via the Easy Circumcision contact page, or, to speak to him directly, call on the phone. The numbers are: 314-727-2748 (Local) or 1800-856-6435 (National).