Picking The Right School For Your Child




Applying to the right school for your child is an important moment in their development. Your choice of school can shape their future and somewhat determine their academic success. But do not panic, even though it is an important decision, there are simple steps you can take to help you make the best choice for your child’s needs. Speaking of…


Your Child’s Needs


At the forefront of your decision should be your child. It is essential that you put their needs as a priority. Do they require a specific learning style? Has their behavior indicated certain talents or interest? Are they critical thinkers, artistic or do they show promise in sport? Understanding these questions will help you choose the best school that works for them.


The School


The first and foremost decision when looking at schools is if you will be looking for a state school or a private school. Both can be excellent options, but you will also have to consider the costs if choosing a private establishment.


Once you have the type of school decided on, there are other inquiries to make. Is it a respected school with excellent rankings and proven results? You may also want to inquire about the school’s curriculum so you can know in advance the subjects and topics your child will be taught.


Some children may need additional support or specialized services. Parents of these children should inquire about these services to the school directly. Explaining your child’s needs before being accepted a position can make their early educational experiences much more fruitful.


Travelling And Distance


The location of the school is also a key consideration. There are many questions to ask yourself when considering the location of the school. How far are you willing to travel? Will the school be on your way to work or will it be out of the way?


You may also want to consider how you will travel to the school. Longer trips may become expensive and shorter trips may enable your child to walk to and from school safely when you decide they are responsible enough to do so. Allowing your child to commute themselves to school is one way of developing independence and mutual trust.




Although it should not bear as much weight on the overall decision as the child’s needs and the school itself, where their friends are heading may need to be taken into consideration. A child may get off to a strong school performance when surrounded by familiar friends but may be nervous or shy when entering a new environment with new people. Moreover, looking at the institutes that your child’s friends may be attending could give you more food for thought.



Choosing the right school can sure be stressful and confusing. By following the advice above and remembering to breathe, you can make an excellent choice to maximize your child’s potential.