Non-Jewish Circumcision


Will A Mohel Carry Out A Non-Jewish Circumcision Near Me?

One of the most common internet searches amongst new parents these days is still “where can I find circumcision near me”. However, evidence reveals that more of those new moms and dads are seeking out help from a mohel rather than a traditional hospital, even though they may not be of the Jewish faith. If you’re looking for private circumcision surgery for your baby boy and are wondering whether a mohel in your area will carry out the procedure for a non-Jewish family, read on to learn more.

Why Are Parents Forgoing Traditional Newborn Circumcision Clinics?

Around 60% of American parents still choose to circumcise their newborn sons, but, while traditional newborn circumcision clinics were once the go-to choice, nowadays, more are looking to their local Jewish mohel rather than taking their baby to a hospital. There are several reasons for this.

Some parents have found that they had a bad experience when they had one of their babies circumcised in hospital, perhaps because of a poor cosmetic result or because they felt the procedure was too clinical and impersonal. They, therefore, looked for a better option for their subsequent children.

Compared with a hospital circumcision, a mohel circumcision is a much more relaxed and caring experience for both the baby and parents. While in the doctor’s office or hospital the parents will probably not be present during the procedure, at a Jewish traditional circumcision the procedure is carried out in front of the family while being held by a family member. There are also more holistic methods to comfort the baby instead of having to inject the newborn with an anesthetic.

Must Jewish Blessings Be Said At A Traditional Circumcision?

Some non-Jewish parents like the idea of the more personal experience of a mohel-performed circumcision but they fear that they would not be permitted to have one for their child due to not being of the same faith. Some parents also worry that part of the procedure involves Jewish blessings being said, which are not part of their own religious beliefs. Parents can, however, rest assured that such blessings need not be performed at the circumcision of non-Jewish babies, although the experience is a spiritual one. Parents often choose to have the procedure carried out within the context of their own spirituality, with readings, prayers and songs of their own choice to accompany the circumcision itself.

Where Can I Find Mohel-Performed Baby Circumcision Near Me?

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