Newborn Circumcision procedure |How much pain does the baby feel during circumcision?

Newborn Circumcision Procedure

How much pain does the baby feel during circumcision?

One of the questions I often receive from parents looking to circumcise their baby boy pertains to how painful the procedure is to the newborn. It’s a valid question, and understandable to have concerns when it comes to circumcision. The good news is Newborn circumcision is neither as painful nor traumatic as you might think. Here are a few things you should keep in mind about pain management in newborn circumcision.

How we Minimize Pain

Regardless of whether you opt for a medical or Jewish circumcision, minimizing pain and ensuring the baby’s comfort is a top priority in both procedures. However, the two significantly differ in both approach and process. Frankly speaking, like with any surgery, circumcision is relatively painful. It’s therefore important to administer an anesthetic to numb the area during the procedure. Personally, I prefer using a topical anesthetic rather than an injectable as is the case in medical settings since it’s much less invasive. This helps reduce the amount of pain that the infant will feel by numbing the area. Besides, your baby won’t have to undergo the discomfort of a needle prickling through their skin and the associated pain. Therefore, my procedure prioritizes reducing pain from the very get-go.


How Our Circumcision technique reduces pain

In addition to anesthesia, speed and precision also dictate the amount of pain a baby may feel during the procedure. When performed by a doctor, a circumcision procedure can take anywhere between half an hour or more. Comparatively, my technique generally takes only thirty seconds. The actual incision is so quick and precise that the baby rarely feels a thing. I like to think of it as ripping a bandage. Yes, there’s some discomfort, but it fades just as fast as it came. Furthermore, it turns out that something as simple as holding and swaddling the baby can reduce pain. Unlike in the hospital setting where the baby is often placed on a cold, uncomfortable circumstraint board, the parent or another family member gets to hold the baby down in a loving and tender way. This not only lessens the amount of pain they feel but also renders the procedure more personal and memorable. Moreover, my technique is a lot less painful since it does not involve the use of a clamp, which notoriously presses against the baby’s skin, thereby increasing pain.


To conclude, the amount of pain the baby feels during a newborn circumcision procedure always comes down to technique. Having personally participated in studies investigating pain levels in infant circumcision, I can attest to the fact that my technique was associated with minimal discomfort and pain when compared to standard medical techniques. Therefore, if you are interested in getting your baby boy circumcised, consider bringing him to Easy Circumcision. As a certified mohel who has performed more than 18,000 circumcisions with minimal stress to the baby and family, I can guarantee you a calm and respectful procedure performed at the highest medical level. Contact us today to learn more about our newborn circumcision procedure techniques.