Midwives Work Hand In Hand With Jewish Mohel


If you’re expecting a baby boy and you’ve decided on circumcision, you may be wondering how to go about arranging it. While it’s always possible to arrange for the procedure to be carried out in a hospital or even possibly a doctor’s office, this isn’t always what parents want.

A hospital circumcision can be a clinical experience. You won’t be able to hold your baby while the procedure is carried out and you may be worried about the painkilling medications used or the possibility of hospital acquired infections. You may also be concerned about the amount of experience the person carrying out the procedure has. There is often a “see one, do one” culture in hospitals that worry parents who are putting their precious little one into the hands of doctors. It’s not too difficult to see why so many parents are now looking for alternatives, and a Jewish Mohel could be the solution you’ve been looking for.

Once you’ve decided that a holistic circumcision is what you want for your son, the next problem is how to go about arranging it. It can be hard to get the information you need to make contact with a Mohel in your area. However, the answer could lie with your midwife. Some midwives are now working hand in hand with Jewish Mohels, and can recommend one in your area who can help.

Why Do Midwives Work Closely With Mohels?

Although traditionally, midwives refer families wanting a circumcision for their newborn son to a hospital, more are beginning to recognize the benefits of a holistic circumcision with a Mohel. Midwives who have witnessed hospital circumcisions know that the experience can be a traumatic one, not just for the baby, but for the parents too. Involving injections that cause trauma, strapping down of the infant which, in itself, can be distressing, and separation from his parents, it’s clear that there are some downsides to this way of carrying out the procedure.

Meanwhile, a holistic circumcision is a very different experience, carried out in a warm and welcoming setting without the cold and clinical atmosphere of a hospital. The procedure is even carried out while your baby is being held in nurturing, caring hand.

Mohels are also experts in the field of holistic circumcisions, and know how to make the process painless, swift and tranquil. Instead of a 15-30 minute procedure in a hospital, a Mohel can perform the circumcision in just 15-30 seconds.

Finding A Mohel

A Mohel can make circumcision a truly meaningful and special experience for you, your family and your baby. With years of experience, you can also be confident that your little one will be in very safe hands. Rabbi Michael Rovinsky is extremely experienced and has carried out over 8000 circumcisions in more than two decades. He is the recommended choice of many partner midwives, so if you’re considering a holistic circumcision for your son, don’t hesitate to call.