Why Midwives Recommend a Holistic Circumcision



Choosing the right person to perform your baby’s circumcision is a tough decision. But have you considered the type of circumcision you want for your bundle of joy? Not all circumcisions are the same and you should know the differences.


But First, What Is a Circumcision?

Circumcision is a procedure that removes part of the skin of the penis. Specifically, it removed the foreskin which is the tissue that covers the head of the penis. Circumcision has ancient and religious roots and is popular among the Jewish community. Jewish male babies will have the procedure on the eighth day after birth.

The healing time after a circumcision procedure is often less than a week and the procedure itself offers an array of medical benefits. These include but are not limited to prevention of urinary tract infections, balanitis and phimosis.


The Differences Between Hospital and Holistic Circumcision

Many midwives are now recommending holistic circumcisions over a hospital circumcision. Overall, a circumcision procedure in a hospital is less personal and offers a less loving environment. The extent of the differences are:

  • Hospital circumcisions take up to half an hour while holistic circumcisions can take under a minute
  • Hospital circumcisions often involve strapping down the baby. In a holistic circumcision, the baby is held by loving hands
  • Babies in hospital will be given drugs or injections which are not present in a holistic circumcision unless topical anesthetic is requested
  • Hospitals offer clinical and cold atmosphere whereas the holistic circumcision is performed in a warm, friendly and loving environment
  • A huge difference between the two types of circumcision procedure is parental presence. When performed in a hospital it is unlikely that the parents will be present. On the other hand, holistic circumcision invites and encourages the parents to witness the special occasion and be a part of the day.


Holistic Circumcisions Are Unique

Another major difference between hospital circumcision and holistic circumcision is that hospital doctors will use instruments with pre-set sizes to perform the circumcision. The best doctors will perform with caution by making sure they cut too little skin rather than too much. However, despite this being the better of the two options, it can cause complications and also a “baggy look”.

A holistic circumcision uses a different method that always ensure the baby is performed on with their needs in mind. The circumcision will be to the right size ensuring the baby is comfortable and does not experience complications down the line.


Give Your Child a Loving Experience with Easy Circumcision

Rabbi Rovinsky has been performing loving circumcisions in a friendly environment for years. To learn more about our procedure, do not hesitate to get in touch and speak with us. We are here to answer your questions and help you make the right choice for your baby.

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