Hospital Circumcision VS Holistic Circumcision

With nearly 6,000 of them throughout the U.S., hospitals are seemingly one of the more popular, go-to choices for parents wanting to have their newborn sons circumcised. However there are several reasons as to why many parents are starting to regard holistic circumcision as the more viable option. Listed below are a few:


1.  Comfort/Atmosphere. Everyone knows that hospitals and doctors’ offices aren’t known for being the most comfortable places in the world. The chilly temperatures, the “rustle and bustle” atmosphere, and the limited spacing make it a little difficult for parents and their newborns to experience the same level of comfort that they would in their own homes. With holistic circumcision, on the other hand, you have the option of requesting that the Mohel come to your home to perform the procedure. Most Mohels also have quiet and spacious rooms designated for the procedures within their office facilities. Being able to ensure the comfort of parents and their newborns is vital to the success of the overall experience.


2.  Technique. Not only do hospital circumcisions take anywhere from 10-30 minutes to complete, but the newborns are often strapped down to a circumstraint board the entire time. However, holistic circumcisions can be completed in less than 15-30 sec; and rather than the baby being confined and strapped down, he is held by the warm and gentle hands of the parents and loved ones. Ultimately, the circumcision process performed by a Mohel is achieved with the goal of minimizing the discomfort as much as possible.


3.  Spiritual Significance. Although circumcision is no longer considered to be reserved for the spiritually grounded, some families still view the procedure as having great spiritual significance.  In addition to being an expert in his field, the Mohel is also a Rabbi who is spiritually in touch with the miracle of birth and performs the circumcision not simply as a medical procedure, but as a holistic and spiritual act bonding parent and child. However, hospital circumcisions are looked at as merely a standard medical procedure with no significant meaning. In addition, unlike hospital/doctor circumcisions where parents are generally not allowed to be with the baby during the procedure, a Mohel encourages parents, friends, and loved ones to be present.


4.   Specialized/Specific Training. Medical doctors go through standardized medical training in a number of different areas within the healthcare field. On the other hand, a Mohel is specifically trained as an expert in the area of circumcision and understands the spiritual and holistic reasoning behind the procedure. As a result, holistic circumcisions are performed using a quick and effective technique that ensure minimal discomfort.


A circumcision is a sacred experience that should be performed and completed with the utmost care. For over 25 years Rabbi Mike Rovinsky has traveled the world as a certified Mohel, performing over 10,000 procedures. His foolproof technique and gentle personality have put thousands of families at ease and have helped to reinforce the parent-child bond. For more information on Easy Circumcision’s holistic method click here, or contact us at 1-800-856-6435.