Holistic circumcision v Hospital Approach

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Whether to circumcise a baby is a very personal decision and one that only the family can make. It’s not our place to try and influence families either way, as it’s important to make a choice that’s right for you and your child.


The decision is often not easy are there are lots of factors to consider. However, if you choose to go ahead with circumcision, our holistic approach can make it a more intimate experience and gentler for the baby too.


Here’s an outline of the differences between holistic circumcision and the hospital approach, and how we offer a much more compassionate process.


The hospital experience

In hospitals a circumcision is treated like any other type of clinical procedure; sterile, detached and remote, the process often doesn’t feel part of the child’s spiritual development.


Once you’ve made the decision to have your child circumcised, you won’t be able to play any further part in the process and will be relegated to the sidelines until your child is brought back to you.


Prior to the procedure taking place, your baby will be given an injection before being strapped down for up to 30 minutes.


The common adage for all types of surgeon is “see one, do one, teach one” meaning that the doctor who performs the circumcision may not be very experienced, and quite likely won’t be a specialist in the field.


While you may still feel relief once the procedure is complete, you won’t experience the same sense of warmth that a holistic circumcision offers.


How a holistic circumcision differs

While the safety of your baby and hygiene are paramount at all times, a holistic circumcision is a wholly more comforting experience.


Your baby won’t have any drugs or injections, although a topical anesthetic is optional. The circumcision takes no more than 30 seconds and during the whole time, the baby will be held in warm and loving hands.


During a holistic circumcision, the Mohel uses a different instrument than a hospital surgeon. This instrument has been specifically designed for circumcisions and causes far less discomfort, allowing the process to be completed within a matter of seconds.


The whole process is tender and spiritual, with the parents present throughout the whole process, should they choose to be.


Experience matters

A mohel is in the name of the rabbi that carries out the holistic circumcision and it’s important to emphasize their experience. This is another essential part of ensuring minimal discomfort to your baby and where a holistic circumcision is very different.


With so many procedures to learn during surgical training, a surgeon typically has very little experience before being thrust into the field. Life for a Mohel is very different.


Every Mohel is specially trained in the techniques required to complete a circumcision, and in keeping with Jewish law, are particularly focussed on minimizing the discomfort to the baby. Before they are able to carry out any procedures, a Mohel must undergo the extensive training which ensures that they complete every circumcision spiritually and with absolute integrity.


Here at Easy Circumcision, Rabbi Michael Rovinsky is recognized by the State of Israel as a certified Mohel. He has performed more than 8000 circumcisions and has 20 years of experience in guiding families and their babies through this stage of spiritual development.


A nurturing circumcision

Our holistic circumcisions are based on cutting edge medical knowledge and experience coupled with a special surgical technique which has been specifically designed to minimize discomfort. Your baby will be softly nestled into a pillow throughout the process before the diaper is gently replaced and he is picked up for a cuddle.


Experience a different kind of circumcision which is intimate and gentle; call us today to find out more.