Fun Family Spring Activities


Family Spring Activities



As the weather starts to get warmer, it’s possible to start thinking of lots more ways to enjoy time as a family. Rather than being cooped up indoors or forced to face freezing conditions, spring offers the opportunity to get out and enjoy the fresh air.


You don’t have to plan an expensive day out to make the very best memories that your children will never forget. Here are a few ideas of fun but economical activities that the whole family can enjoy.


Visit a botanical garden

The heavenly scent of flowers is a true herald of summer and the sight of a carpet of color is a sight to behold. A botanical garden or even the local park is a great place to take your children to share a love of the natural world.

Youngsters love to learn and a fact-finding mission can seem like a real adventure. Arm them with a guidebook and challenge them to find 10 different types of flowers while you’re out. They’ll have fun and learn something in the process – what could be better than that?


Enjoy a Bike Ride

If you already have bikes, this is an activity which you can enjoy for absolutely no cost. Pack a picnic and head off into the fresh air to enjoy the sights of spring.

For younger children, you could stick to fairly short distances and as they grow, extend the bike rides to venture further out into the countryside. There’s nothing like exercise to work up an appetite and knowing a delicious picnic awaits will make the ride much sweeter!

If your children aren’t old enough to ride bikes yet, a walk is just as enjoyable. Take time to admire the sights as you go and you’ll discover a newfound enjoyment in hiking.


Petting Zoos

Wherever you live, you’ll have a local petting zoo that’s not far away. Very different from large zoos with wild animals, a petting zoo offers children a much more hands-on experience.

If you live in the city or have a busy lifestyle, it can be difficult to keep pets at home – and few people have the space to keep donkeys or goats!

A petting zoo allows children to enjoy spending time interacting in a way that wouldn’t be possible in a larger animal park. Getting up close and personal with the creatures allows them to develop an understanding and appreciation that just isn’t possible when you’re only staring at them through a fence. And of course, holding, petting and getting in the pen with animals is so much more fun too!



You’ll need a mobile phone or GPS unit for this, but nothing more and once you’ve taken part you’ll be itching to do more. There are thousands of geocaches all over the world and if you check your zip code, you’ll probably find there are lots near you.

A type of treasure hunt, you’re given coordinates which you must first navigate to before searching for the hidden box. The only rules are that if you take something, you must leave something too, but you can just sign your name in the log. An addictive pastime that’s suitable for even the youngest children, you’ll be on a mission to find as many as you can!


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