Finding a Rabbi to Perform a Circumcision

Rabbis are some of the most trusted and respected leaders within the Jewish community. Because of this, many of them elect to go through extensive training to perform circumcisions and ultimately provide a meaningful and traditional experience for the families they serve. However, finding the right rabbis may not come easy to some. Below we have compiled a list of tips to use when looking for a rabbi to perform a circumcision.


1. Ask Around. It goes without saying that you’re not the first parent who has decided to circumcise their baby boy. Because of this, you may find comfort in asking your trusted friends and families if they recommend a certain rabbi. Most likely, your friends and family would love sharing their experience with you whether good or bad. After all, word-of-mouth is one of the best marketing tools around.   


2. Do your Own Research. Although you probably trust the word of your friends and family a great deal, it still doesn’t hurt to do your own research. This day and age, the internet is one of the greatest tools for research. Start by typing phrases such as, “find a rabbi to perform a circumcision” into the Google search engine. This should bring up a list of results with local rabbis listed towards the top. From there, you can filter through the results by visiting a few different websites and learning more about the rabbi and his experience within the circumcision industry. Rabbis who seem to have immense knowledge and experience with performing this type of procedure should take precedence.


3. Review Testimonials. Testimonials are a great way to find out what kind of experiences other families have had with a rabbi. Pay special attention to any details within the testimonials such as the rabbi’s demeanor, or the time and ease of the procedure itself. As a side note, don’t forget to leave feedback after you have had your own experience with the rabbi; after all, it could help another family. Be sure not to base your decision solely on testimonials as they usually only include positive feedback.


4. Contact Candidates. Now that you have done plenty of research, you should have a few prospective rabbis in mind. Don’t hesitate to try to get in contact with each of them (ideally via telephone or e-mail), so that they can answer any additional questions you may have. This dialogue may also help you gauge their personality and ensure that they are warm and personable. The most important thing to remember during this whole process it to trust your instinct. By speaking with the rabbi you should be able to get a feel for them and determine if they are the right fit for you and your family.


5. Sit Back & Relax. Of course for parents of a precious newborn this is easier said than done. However, if you have done a thorough job researching and selecting a rabbi to perform your son’s circumcision, chances are you have no reason to worry. In order to perform circumcisions, rabbis must go through extensive training programs that prepare them for the duties associated with such an important procedure. Because of this, you can sit back & relax, knowing that your newborn is in good hands.


Rabbi Mike Rovinsky is one of the most sought after Mohels in the country. For over 27 years Rabbi Rovinsky has traveled throughout the country performing over 10,000 circumcisions and exceeding the expectations of families along the way. His devotion to providing a heart-warming and meaningful experience to families of various backgrounds and faiths, has made him a leader in his community and the circumcision industry.