What are the differences in introversion and extroversion?



Raising children is up there with one of the best jobs in the world, but it can certainly bring some challenges along the way. Like adults, children can be either introvert or extrovert. In this article we discuss the different types and briefly touch upon what a child may require from a parent, to make sure they can communicate in the best way possible.

Communication is key in any relationship, but when it comes down to truly understanding your child, this is crucial in order to know how to treat them in the correct manner.

It’s important to understand that whatever your child may be, it is perfectly normal to be this way and neither should be shunned if they are not acting a certain way, even if they are different to how you are as an individual. There are a lot of misconceptions when it comes to this topic and sometimes parents may become confused with their children, as they cannot understand why their child will want to stay in their bedroom all day and may think that they have an issue. Or perhaps when their child is out all the time and hardly spends time at home, it might not seem normal. Perhaps understanding your child’s introvert or extrovert tendencies can reveal a lot more about their behavior, and will help you both to communicate more effectively.

Introvert children require more one on one time

Introverts generally enjoy their alone time, and sometimes the chaos of the outside world can drain their energy. When it comes to children, introversion may be noticed for example when friends come to call them out to play, and where the more extroverted child will jump at the chance, the introvert may decline and choose to stay at home. Spending more time alone requires more one on one time

from a parent, who can be close with them and not judge them for not choosing to always join the crowd. Having a parent who is understanding and who is by their side is someone an introverted child needs rather than someone who is rarely there to talk.

Extroverts may prefer time with their friends

In comparison with the introverted child, the extroverted child may choose to confide more in their friends than with their parents. Their freedom is often outwith the home, as they get their energy by interacting with others and although they may seem distant at times, this is just how they are naturally. This doesn’t mean that they don’t want their parents, but simply feel more comfortable with others than being alone. Extroverted children require parents who understand it’s ok to confide in others as well as with them, and who give them the space they need when they need it most.
Therefore, by doing a little research and understanding what your child is, it can definitely help you to understand why they will act in a certain way, or do certain things. In order to have the best parent-child relationship possible, communication is always key, and whether they are introvert or extrovert they are still normal at the end of the day.