Why you Should Consider Circumcising your Newborn

The circumcision debate has been a long tug-a-war between the two opposing sides. Those that are against the practice suggest that it is somewhat “risky” and unnecessary. On the other hand, those that are pro-circumcision insists that the medical produce is beneficial to newborn boys and the CDC (U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention), agrees stating that the “benefits [of male infant circumcision] outweigh the risk”. Below we have compiled several reasons why parents should circumcise their newborn sons.


  1.  Faith/Religion. Religious and spiritual commitments are often a major driving force behind one’s choice to circumcise their child. For many people the circumcision process is much more than a simple medical procedure; it is a ceremonious event that has intense meaning for both the infant and his family.


  1. Tradition. Even if you don’t considered yourself to be religious, tradition is also one of the main reasons some people choose to circumcise their son. If previous generations in your family have opted to have their newborns undergo the procedure, you might feel more prompted to do so as well in order to maintain tradition.


  1.  Personal Hygiene. For uncircumcised males, washing the penile area can sometimes be a difficult task because of the attached foreskin that covers the region. Often times it makes it harder to clean every crevice and can result in less than satisfactory hygiene. On the other hand, males that are circumcised can access the area more easily and can therefore clean the region more effectively.


  1. Preventative Healthcare. As reported by the CDC, circumcision is known to help decrease the risk of a number of illnesses and diseases including UTIs, penile cancer, phimosis, HIV and other sexually transmitted diseases.


  1. The Benefits Overpower the Risk. The latest reports from the CDC endorse circumcision by stating in their findings that the “benefits outweigh the risks”. In the report, U.S. health officials talk about circumcision as a prevention method for HIV and other sexually transmitted diseases. The CDC also states that the procedure helps to lower one’s risk of developing urinary tract infections. It is important to note that although the report seems to favor circumcision, it includes a statement that suggests that the decision should ultimately be left up to the parents.


Choosing whether or not to circumcise your newborn son is an easy decision for some; However, for others the research they conduct, and the findings that result from that research is a huge factor in their decision making process. Because of this, it is important that you study valuable sources, such as the CDC and AAP (American Academy of Pediatrics), when it comes to information regarding the topic of circumcision.


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