Circumcision procedure| Is It Better to Be Circumcised As A Baby Or An Adult?


Is It Better to Be Circumcised As A Baby Or An Adult?

Male circumcision has ancient origins, with historical and archaeological evidence dating the practice back to the 23rd century BCE. The procedure is still widely practiced today. And according to WHO, the overall rate of male circumcision in the U.S. is somewhere between 76% and 92%. At Easy Circumcision, we see a fair mix of children and adults seeking circumcision. But from our years of experience, an adult circumcision procedure is often slightly more complex and hence less common. This begs the question, what is the best age to get circumcised? Keep reading to find out when your doctor may recommend circumcision

Infant circumcision

Baby circumcision has historically been the most common type of procedure. In the Jewish community, a baby boy was to be circumcised on the 8th day after birth. Of course, this day was chosen for cultural and religious reasons. In fact, some people still hold it as the standard optimal age for male circumcision. You can also get your son circumcised at any other time in their infancy. However, it’s worth noting that as your baby gets older, the procedure becomes slightly more challenging. That’s because your baby becomes more active and more aware of what is happening without comprehending this is for their benefit. That aside, infant circumcision holds a lot of benefits. At this age, the procedure is a lot simpler and less painful.

Adult circumcision Procedure

Truth be told, circumcision can be done at any age. Therefore, if you never got circumcised as a child, you can do it as an adult. While adult circumcision procedures are less common, it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t consider it given the benefits. As an adult, you have autonomy on whether you want to undergo the procedure. You may opt for circumcision for religious, cultural, aesthetic, or hygiene reasons. However, you may be forced to get circumcised due to health conditions such as phimosis, balanitis, paraphimosis, and more. Comparatively, an adult circumcision procedure will take longer than it does for infants. In addition, we tend to heal slower with age. Therefore, boys can recover more easily from the surgery if they have it sooner rather than later.

Baby Circumcision

So, what is the conclusion you ask? At Easy Circumcision, we recommend having your son circumcised after birth. As we’ve seen above, there are more purported benefits to newborn circumcision compared to the adult circumcision procedure. These include less pain, faster healing, better cosmetic outcomes, and more. For this reason, we recommend not delaying the procedure any further if you are yet to be circumcised. The sooner you have it done the better.

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