Activities for Kids When the Weather Gets Colder



As winter approaches, the weather outside can be a miserable affair. Snow, wind, rain and the chilly temperatures they bring, can make it hard for your family to go to the playground or for long walks. Instead, it’s far better to stay indoors and keep warm.

Staying indoors, though, can be a scary prospect for parents. How will you keep the kids entertained when they’re trapped inside? Fear not though, here are some wonderful activities that will keep everyone entertained – even yourself!

Play Some Games

You don’t need to go outside to play some fun games with the kids, our homes can be the perfect venue for family fun too. Hide and seek is a wonderful game for any home, taking it in turns to find the best hiding spots first. Or, to keep them moving, clear a space and play green light/red light.

For your own homemade version of tenpin bowling, fill plastic bottles with socks and use a ball to try and knock them down. Keep the score and award a little trophy to the winner – you could even start your own family weekly tournament.


Crafting is a wonderful way to get your child’s creative juices flowing, especially when it’s too chilly to play outside.

Crafting doesn’t need to be scary either, it can be as simple as getting some paper and pens and letting the kids draw to their heart’s content. If you’re feeling fancier, search the internet for simple crafts to do with children. Activities like making salt dough ornaments or paper crafting are both incredibly fun and inexpensive, making them a hit in everyone’s books.


Nothing sets our children’s imaginations wilder than getting lost in a good story, and reading is a perfect way for the whole family to spend an afternoon when it’s too chilly to go outside.

If you have children with different reading levels, not to worry. Set up older children with their own book and you can read to the younger ones. Or, even better, get the kids to pick a book and you can read to them all.

For extra fun, arrange a few chairs in your living room and cover them with sheets to create a fort. Then just fill your reading fort with cushions and blankets to create the ultimate reading paradise. You could even add some fairy lights for an added magical touch. The kids will absolutely adore it.

Build a Snowman

Freezing winds and snowstorms often keep the family indoors during winter but, when the storm clears, getting the kids outdoors for some fresh air and exercise is great for their health. Plus, who can deny their chance to play in the snow!

Make sure that everyone is wrapped up well and grab some old clothes, such as hats and scarves, to decorate your snowman. Then, when their snow creations are made, get them back indoors to drink a lovely cup of hot chocolate to warm them up.


Many children adore the idea of summer as it means they get to play outside in the sun, but by making fun winter memories with some of these activities here, your child will grow up adoring every season.