7 Tips for Combating Morning Sickness

Pregnancy is a significant journey for a woman. They are some of the fascinating nine months in a woman’s life. The journey is accompanied by joys and wonders but then there is morning sickness. Morning sickness is perhaps the nightmare for any pregnant woman. The weird thing is that it is not literally morning sickness. Some women experience it in the morning while others complain that it lasts all day long. Some have it specifically in the evening or before bedtime.

Morning sickness is a common symptom in the early weeks of pregnancy. It can start within the first six weeks and peak during the seventh and eight weeks. Women constantly look for ways that will lessen annoying nausea.

Following are some tips that have been suggested by doctors and practiced by pregnant women themselves around the world.

1.      Take it Easy  

You might find your attention distracted due to constant nausea. It is tiring and will also affect your productivity. Therefore, it is recommended that you take a break from work. Especially, the seventh and eight weeks see the peak of nausea so it is better to rest those weeks than work.

2.      Avoid Certain Scents

The estrogenic level is high during pregnancy and this particular hormone is responsible for the sense of smell. Many women have morning sickness triggered due to certain smells. It can vary from woman to woman what smell they can’t handle. If you find a smell unpleasant then move to fresh air or a keep some fresh lemon with you.

3.      Track your Nausea

Contrary to popular belief, morning sickness is not random. If you really keep tabs on the changes in your body, you will find that there is a routine. You can take preventive measures beforehand when you know what time your nausea will be triggered.

4.      Keep a Balance

Food and healthy nutrition are important for pregnant women. leaving your stomach completely empty will trigger nausea due to acids working on the stomach lining. On the other hand, too much food at once will produce a full and queasy feeling. The trick is to take small portions of meals all day long.

5.      Try Ginger

Ginger is very popular for preventing nausea. You can use ginger in different ways. Take ginger tea or buy ginger candy.

6.      Keep your Mind Off of It

Nausea is very annoying and hard to ignore. However, it is not necessary that nausea might lead to vomiting. You can quell nausea by distracting yourself. Interest yourself in a magazine or a book. You can find some activity that keeps your mind involved and away from thinking about feeling sick.

7.      Get Some Rest

It is common to get tired and exhausting during pregnancy. It is possible that nausea might be due to a stressed body. Simply lying down and relaxing can help a lot.

Pregnancy is different for different women. a remedy that worked for some might not work for you. Although, trying some common tips will not hurt.