20 Unique Back-to-School Tips that Parents and Children Will Appreciate


Returning to school after summer break can result in a flurry of mixed emotions for both parents and kids. Although the start of a new school year is an exciting time, preparing for the first day of school, and entering a new grade can sometimes be stressful for all parties involved. Because of this, I have compiled a list of tips that are beneficial to both parents and children, and that will hopefully make preparing for the new school year a little bit easier.

Check them out:

1. Allow your child(ren) to be apart of back-to-school shopping by letting them go with you to pick out their school supplies.

2. If you pack your child’s lunch, go on Pinterest a few weeks before school starts to come up with some new and creative lunch ideas.

3. Keep an envelope with a few dollars in your child’s backpack, incase of an emergency.

4. Connect with a few of the parents at your child’s school to arrange carpool or back-up transportation incase you are not able to pick them up on time one day.

5. Be sure to introduce yourself and your child to his or her coaches and teachers. You may also want to swap contact information with some of the administrators.

6. Create a checklist of things to have and do before the first day of school so that you aren’t scrambling to do things at the last minute.

7. Keep track of extra-curricular activities by mounting a calendar in a central location of your home.

8. Establish an after-school routine that consists of a snack, homework time, and leisure.

9. Get a doctor’s note to send with your child for any prescribed medicine that they take.

10. Compile a list of tutors you can call if your child starts to struggle in any academic subjects.

11. Set aside “family time” throughout the week so that you can bond with your child and hear about what’s happening at school and in their personal lives.

12. Establish a cool and comfy spot in your home for your children to do their homework. Refer to it as the “homework station”.

13. If possible, make copies of all of your child’s homework assignments so that if they misplace the original, they will still have a copy to turn in.

14. Remember to write your child’s name on their lunchbox, book bag, sweaters, sports uniforms, etc., so that it doesn’t get mixed up with their schoolmates’ items.

15. Get involved by volunteering at various school and sports events.

16. Ask about your child’s day at school each day, and address any concerns that he or she may have.

17. Pack lunches, book bags, and sports gear the night before in order to make the morning rush a little more smooth.

18. Have your child pick out his or her school clothes for the entire week on Sunday night.

19. Encourage your child to read and participate in other academic activities throughout the summer so that their brain can remain “active”.

20. If your child is old enough, allow him or her to pick out their own school outfits–this helps them to better express themselves.